tiistai 28. syyskuuta 2010

Metropolitan Diary

Ystäväni antoi tänään ihanan linkkivinkin, jonka pistän tietenkin heti jakoon. The New York Times -lehden kollektiiviseen kaupunkipäiväkirjaan Metropolitan Diary voi lähettää julkaistavaksi New Yorkissa tapahtuneita sattumuksia ja ajatuksia. Isoon kaupunkiin (ja kai pienempäänkin) mahtuu kaikenlaista hauskaa ja herkkääkin.

Meikäläistä nauratti esimerkiksi tämä seuraava (itsekin pidän Twixeistä): 

My son, as part of a school project for first graders at Public School 199 in Manhattan, has taken to writing famous people and companies in search of getting a letter back in the mail. Every day, when he gets home, he diligently checks the mail for replies to his letters, many of which have gone unanswered. (Are you reading this, Nick Swisher and Mayor Bloomberg?)
In July, however, he received a large package from the W. P. & R. S. Mars Company, to which he had written to get the recipe for Twix, his favorite confection. In the box was a handwritten letter:
“Dear Bryce,
Thanks so much for your letter. We are not the Mars Candy Company. We are a Midwestern supplier of industrial equipment. So, I am sorry that we can’t tell you how Twix are made. However, we can send you some. Hope they make it to New York in one piece.”
In the box, along with the handwritten note, were two super-size Twix bars, a pizza cutter and a key chain.
I realized two things: First, to be more careful when looking up addresses on the Internet, and second, that the kindness of strangers (especially in the Midwest) still exists.

Barry Chung

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  1. Thank you for having me in your blog roll :) I am very honoured to be on the roll with such others amazing blogs.
    Finding your blog, was a great way of trying out Google translate as all I can say in Finnsih are the numbers nine and ten.
    Let me know if you are comming up with some good stuff of nice things to do in Helsinki as I am going there on holiday next summer.

  2. Numbers nine and ten can be useful at some point. Especially when you can to Finland and want to buy nine strawberries and ten apples for example. Now you just need to learn the words strawberry = mansikka and apple = omena.

    You're comment made me really happy, so thanks for coming over. And your blog makes me happy also! So special thaks for that.

    It would be wonderful to give you some tips, I need to make a list of them. I think that Helsinki is a really cool city, here is lots of special place to be. Though I'm making plans of moving to Kopenhagen in the future. Not sure yet, but hoping... for loves sake. =)